Covid-19 – A Health Care Scare

What was an already flustered health care system pre-pandemic has now become completely inundated with an overwhelming number of people requiring various health care services. While the goal for government and health care workers alike is to save lives, numerous instances of panic and misfortune have been recorded.

The Covid-19 crisis has influenced the way that hospitals and health care centers operate, placing a greater pressure on doctors, nurses and the like to ensure that patients are receiving sufficient treatment. The problems that have since come to light, involve the prioritising of Covid patients over others whose conditions might not be as severe. In trying to make mass-testing and treatment stations efficient or attempting to rapidly increase the rate at which patients are being treated, it is easy for an overworked medic to be remiss in certain instances.

With repeated occasions of patients at various hospitals being left alone, somewhat mistreated, neglected by health care workers or essentially not being cared for sufficiently, such patients face greater adversity. Where a heath care worker’s fatigue or negligence contributes to a person’s further injury or loss of life, the victim (or his/her family member’s) may be entitled to some sort of compensation and hold the doctor, hospital or government liable.

While each claim is determined on a case-by-case basis, it is important to understand the severity of such a claim. It is therefore pertinent that now more than ever, healthcare workers practice due-diligence, care and professionalism when undertaking their duties so as to avoid potential liability claims.

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Article contributed by Ra’eesah Akoon of Tuckers Inc.