Does working from home mean that I can still “Netflix and chill”?

The Covid-19 pandemic has reformed the manner that we conduct our lives in every aspect. When it comes to our work lives, there is no exception.

Given the safety mechanisms and lockdown regulations that have been implemented, many companies have opted to allow employees to conduct business affairs from home. In doing so, the distinct lines between “work” and “home” have been blurred. With no set work hours some employees are feeling the strain that comes with being stationed at home while others are actually preferring the added flexibility.

What then happens when an employee is guilty of misconduct and how can employers’ mitigate this potential issue? The first step is for employers’ to effectively communicate with their employees relating to their responsibilities as well as what exactly is expected from them whilst working from home. This might include set working hours, meal times and even the use of social media during “work” time.

It is also important for employees to also conduct themselves in the proper manner as expected. Moreover, employees should also effectively communicate with their employers’ regarding their home-work environment. If their home environment is not conducive to conducting business relations, employers’ need to be made aware of this so that possible solutions might be determined. For example, if an employee does not have all of the necessary equipment needed for satisfactory job completion then an employer might provision some of the equipment needed.

To assist in this process, an employer should ensure that the company has some sort of home-work policy in place. This would allow employees to understand what is allowed and what is required from them when working from home.

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Article contributed by Ra’eesah Akoon of Tuckers Inc.