As a business owner you may have a claim against your insurer for the loss of turnover that you have suffered as a result of the lockdown.

Thus far, Insurers have disputed and repudiated claims at every turn which has resulted in mass damages being suffered in many industries.

Tuckers Inc have kept abreast of the developments of these matters and based on the recent case law foreseen a need to intervene and assist clients. We have created an infrastructure which allows us to assist clients immediately with these claims and are poised to assist all qualifying establishments with claims against their insurers.  

We are familiar with the different policy wordings and have prepared arguments in each instance.

In our efforts to support the various industries we will offer clients a Contingency basis (no win no pay) rather than standard legal fees for all business interruption claim disputes.  The terms of a Contingency Fee Agreement will be explained fully once we are contacted by the client.

Time is of the essence with these claims as many policy documents have time barring periods which compels the insured to claim within a particular period. If you are unsure whether you still have a valid claim, please let us assist you in this process free of charge.

In the event that you would like to utilise our legal services for the purposes of pursuing a business interruption claim we would, at the outset, require:

  • Details of the establishment
  • Confirmation that the establishment has adequate business interruption cover
  • A copy of the insurance policy
  • Any forms submitted to the insurance company
  • Copies of correspondence entered into with the insurer
  • A completed Contingency Fee Agreement

Tuckers Incorporated has been in business for 37 years and is a leading law firm, with clients across South Africa.  For a consultation either in person or via zoom or by telephone, please contact either Kenny Smith (Director) ( or Diane Charles (

All consultation arrangements will be made by Lauren Cairns at Tel: 011 897 1900 or Email:

We look forward to meeting and assisting you.