Covid-19 Retrenches thousands, dooms labour market

Covid-19 has and continues to take its toll, on the health of the labour market. 

Are you as an employee or employer prepared? Do you know your legal rights? What comes after taking leave, unpaid leave, no work- no pay provisions and layoffs? 


This is an unpleasant and tragic no fault dismissal of employees, which will affect both their and the lives of their families! When all remedies have been exhausted, in a genuine attempt to save jobs or for an Employer to keep the business afloat, the only option left may be retrenchment of staff. This can be a complex legal minefield which can lead to lengthy and costly, litigation in the CCMA and labour courts, if not conducted properly. This may be far more expensive than paying severance pay. 

Let our labour law professional at TUCKERS INC advise you, the employee, whether you are being treated in accordance with the provisions of our Labour Laws which, by the way, are Covid-19 immune, as they still apply. Do not become the victim of unscrupulous employers who may attempt to use Covid-19 as an excuse to “clean up their operation” and get rid of employees whom they would not normally have been able to lawfully dismiss. 

Employers let us assist you with your retrenchment processes, by facilitating the identification of and consultation process with employees who are earmarked for retrenchment. Together let us ensure that you have correctly followed all processes to avoid having to defend expensive legal action later. Or perhaps, let us facilitate mediation between parties to reach amicable legal solutions to emotionally charged issues, which will inevitably arise between parties at this stressful time before it even reaches litigation. 

Are you faced with having to bring a Disciplinary enquiry against an employee, or have you been called to answer charges as an employee? Let us advise you either as an Employee of how to approach such enquiry. As an employer on how to conduct such enquiry. We are also able to sit as an independent chairperson, who will chair the enquiry in a fair, neutral, and unbiased fashion to ensure that due process is followed and that a fair, just, and equitable outcome ensues. This will prevent businesses from having to pay out large sums in compensation to employees found to have been unfairly dismissed. 


Call us now for an appointment to assess your situation and let us advise you correctly.